Countryside smells good!


Hi Zoë!

You told me about your journey in Bangkok and it is so exotic to me: burning sun, pineapple and coconut… As answer, let me show you some of French culture slices! They are exotic too, in a different way. You want to see the Tour Eiffel? comme back another day my friend, cause here I’m going to introduce you to an unknown France.  I ‘ve got an old passion for kitsch postcards, so take a look.

“à votre santé” means “Wishing you good health”: one says it when French drink wine together.

This is a dessert one can eat in Vendée, a west department.

“If you drink you’ll die ; if you do not drink you’ll die too. So let’s drink then!” … alcohol makes logical!

I could’nt end this page without talking about cheese, my favourite food. I found this map on a paper that wrapped some cheese I bought once ; I found it interesting and old style so I’ve kept it. Have you ever tasted French cheese? I heard Asians are disgusted by its smell, so are you ?? Well, I actually felt overwhelmed by stinking tofu in Taiwan ( I swear I’ll eat a few of it next time! ).

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