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i am not really good.

: (

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the view of the window



Dear my honey,

like title,

in some reasons , i live in outskirt of EDINBURGH

there has a huge size grassland , a flock of sheeps , fantasic mountains, rabbits….

like painting , like fairy tale’s scene

when you walk along the path through the forest here

maybe you will seems ALICE !! (  Alice in wonderland. )

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Dear Aurore,

i am in EDINBURGH now. i am going to buy a printer next week.

so i will post some articles when i got my printer.

see u soon !!

: )))


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Short stories of Taiwan: page 3.

During my trip I met some very nice persons.

Still, I met some nice doors too…!!

So, step with me into my wonderful gallery!

( lucky you, inside cameras are allowed! ).

To watch the pictures, click on Gallery-doors.

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18 June




Dear Aurore,  

Before I come to UK , I start to have date with my friends.   

Taiwan’s food is really famours.  

You can eat every kind of food there,cheap price and very delicious.  

Sorry!! I begin to show every meal every day!!   






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