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backyard from aurore’s house!


thanks your bbq

thanks your foods

thanks your kind

thanks your warm place

thanks your friendly

thanks your pets

thanks everything

love you forever

: )

Publié: 04:11 PM

fly flew flown flying

i am back from bologna , i am going to taiwan tomorrow.


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i will visit my desr friend tomorrow, paris!!

i feel really exciting now!!


i will bother you a few days.

i really appreciate your help!

(these pictures are my friends in edinburgh, they are jealous me, because i have a good friend in france.)

: )


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Publié: 05:40 PM




Dear Aurore,

i am in EDINBURGH now. i am going to buy a printer next week.

so i will post some articles when i got my printer.

see u soon !!

: )))


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