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My Samsung Galaxy S makes art !

I just wanted to tell the world I’m in love with my new phone !

Je voulais juste témoigner devant la terre entière que j’adore mon nouveau petit ( pas si petit! ) téléphone. Ce sont des textures diverses prises de près, le rendu est génial et je n’ai rien retouché. Tout comme les photos de l’article sur miss Wan Ju à Paris.


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A special day !

Dear audience, dear faithful readers all over the world,

today is a special day ! Let’s celebrate Zoé’s birthday !! ( You can leave messages for her in:  » Ecrire un commentaire « . )

I wish you all the best my little China girl !!! ;) 😀

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Countryside smells good!

Hi Zoë!

You told me about your journey in Bangkok and it is so exotic to me: burning sun, pineapple and coconut… As answer, let me show you some of French culture slices! They are exotic too, in a different way. You want to see the Tour Eiffel? comme back another day my friend, cause here I’m going to introduce you to an unknown France.  I ‘ve got an old passion for kitsch postcards, so take a look.

« à votre santé » means « Wishing you good health »: one says it when French drink wine together.


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