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film poster

it is part of my  » film poster  » , i use screenprint to print it

the original size is A2, however, our school can scan A3 size only

so i can’t let u see totally

i am sorry about that

: (


this film is called

‘ raise the red lantern ‘

nice film, worth to watch!


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the second postcard,

:: screen print ::

 ” autumnal”

105 x 148 mm





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my final research project in eca



i can’t slept well last week,

because of this ‘relaxation’ project

it let me feel not relaxed,

let’s see my small exhibition

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i learn :: screen print ::  recently,

i enjoy every process

this is my first work,

a postcard,

  » disposable »

105 x 148 mm





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doing a project

really really busy

i am doing a school project





: (


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