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The Tree vertigo

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Publié: 14:02

Planet March

 » …stone / green / sea… what’s this ?? -five days of our holidays in Sète and Nîmes ( South France, Mediterranean cost ). »


Publié: 14:41

Wan Ju in Paris !

Ludo and I really felt  warm by your visit at home ( and by your Taiwan beef in soy sauce ) : I hope to see you soon again, when you want to :))

There are so many beautiful places in Paris that you haven’t seen so get ready for the next time !! I’ll try to find some restaurants where the waitresses are friendly…Not easy !

My cat Whiskey miss you, poor him he’s alone at night now.


Publié: 13:39

Escape from Paris, again.

Ni hao ! I hope you’re fine. I also hope you have a better summer than we have here in Paris ! Such a program : grey / dark grey / rainy / windy… I don’t know anymore if the sun still exists.

Well I ‘ve just  come back from another trip : this time a little bit up to the north and west, I mean Bretagne ( Brittany ), a celtic region in France. We spent a few days there- we liked it. I think it’s very different from our capital suburb. The hotel was in the city of Vannes : quiet, full of history and local culture.

Here is the Breton flag : all black and white, I love its graphic style.


Publié: 13:04

Holidays end.

Ode to the sand.

Prints from wind
Prints from waves
Prints from steps that once walked this sand
Prints from weather
Prints for never.


Publié: 16:17