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Escape from Paris, again.

Ni hao ! I hope you’re fine. I also hope you have a better summer than we have here in Paris ! Such a program : grey / dark grey / rainy / windy… I don’t know anymore if the sun still exists.

Well I ‘ve just  come back from another trip : this time a little bit up to the north and west, I mean Bretagne ( Brittany ), a celtic region in France. We spent a few days there- we liked it. I think it’s very different from our capital suburb. The hotel was in the city of Vannes : quiet, full of history and local culture.

Here is the Breton flag : all black and white, I love its graphic style.


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A special day !

Dear audience, dear faithful readers all over the world,

today is a special day ! Let’s celebrate Zoé’s birthday !! ( You can leave messages for her in: ” Ecrire un commentaire “. )

I wish you all the best my little China girl !!! ;) 😀

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