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Greetings card

Happy New Year ! Best wishes to you Wan Ju ! And to everyone !

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Small bed with my parents !

i live in a tiny room… i enjoy working in my small, warm and comfort room.. but my parents visited me in september, they slept in this really small bad.. see ……   ….     ..   haha …

my poor mommy …..     daddy.!!!!!!

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Baby face.


Who’s that new born ?

This not completely awaken baby is my friend Linda’s daughter, Aya. I had no idea of birth gift so Linda asked me to draw the portrait and now here it is. She likes it so everything is fine.

Long life for Aya !!

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millions of sorry

hello everyone,

it has been disappear long time ,

i am sorry about that,

i am doing the exhibition of my degree show and finding the job in this moment,

i hope everything will be better!

there is a good news!

i finished my ” relaxation workbook”

i really like it!

i will show a little bit here, hope it can be publish soon!

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A sleeping blog makes that sound : rrrrrrrr… Sorry, it’s been a while but this summer is kind of strange to me. No sun, no barbecue ; everyday rain, waiting projects, hopes and expectations transform my grey matter in glu matter. I should watch out cause it might start burning, one day. So here is my personal water therapy. It’s not really good but I got pleasure painting it, during a long time, coming back the day after to add a thing. I never work this way usually and I wanted to try another method. I found it very “relaxing”-Zoé! can you talk about this in your book ?? 😛

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