In love with a paintbrush.

Such a wonderful world is the traditional chinese painting !

Since my University studies were I discovered and learnt a few ( very few ) I can’t stop, I can’t help loving it. I enjoy watching masterpieces from these artists, I always see something new or something different. It’s an endless amazement !  I could speak about this subject on many pages…but I won’t.

From time to time I train, I practise. Even if this is really difficult ( and subtil ), to me it is the center of many things ; and I admit that this is the center of my secret world.

The following ones have a really bad composition, sorry ! – it was a training…

I tried to paint fishes in different ways :

…they look stupid and impossible bodies, some fins are missing !!

And to close the article, now a poem which I have no idea about its translation – Zoé please, can you translate it for me ??  I’ll try next week to write it better because I have made some terrible lines, this is unforgiveable… I apologize…!!

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Commentaire de zoe
西元2010年10月02日 週六 à 04:06上午

i like your artworks, it is also difficult for me.
but u do it well!!

: )

Commentaire de zoe
西元2010年10月02日 週六 à 04:06上午


Commentaire de zoe
西元2010年10月02日 週六 à 04:06上午

j'aime vos oeuvres, il est également difficile pour moi!. mais ne u elle!: bien)

Commentaire de zoe
西元2010年10月02日 週六 à 04:06上午

J'aime votre travail, il est difficile pour moi. Mais vous le faites bien! 🙂

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