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Wan Ju in Paris !

Ludo and I really felt  warm by your visit at home ( and by your Taiwan beef in soy sauce ) : I hope to see you soon again, when you want to :))

There are so many beautiful places in Paris that you haven’t seen so get ready for the next time !! I’ll try to find some restaurants where the waitresses are friendly…Not easy !

My cat Whiskey miss you, poor him he’s alone at night now.


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the second postcard,

:: screen print ::

 ” autumnal”

105 x 148 mm





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i will visit my desr friend tomorrow, paris!!

i feel really exciting now!!


i will bother you a few days.

i really appreciate your help!

(these pictures are my friends in edinburgh, they are jealous me, because i have a good friend in france.)

: )


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